Capturing Autumn Silhouettes


One of my favourite techniques, no matter the subject matter, is creating silhouettes. Some of my favourite fall photos were taken as silhouettes and I will share with you how I created them so hopefully you will be able to create some for yourself this season!

Autumn brings with it colder days, longer nights and beautiful colours. One way of capturing these beautiful colours is putting whatever is in the foreground into silhouette. Whether it be a beautiful sunset, a portrait or, probably the most common around this time of year- a tree!

I’m sure most of you have either intentionally or unintentionally shot silhouettes in the past but here are some of my best tips for making your silhouettes stand out.

1. Choose a strong subject-
Almost any object can be made into a silhouette, however some are better than others. Choose something with a strong and recognizable shape that will be interesting enough to hold the interest of those viewing your image. Silhouettes can’t draw on the colours of the shape in silhouette, textures or tones of subjects to make them appealing – so the shape needs to be distinct.

2. Turn off your flash-
Any camera with an automatic mode and flash will want to pop the flash on when you are lining up to shoot a silhouette so play it safe and turn it off or if that is not an option, cover it over with your hand.

3. Correct exposure-
For a silhouette you want to do the opposite to the subject that you regularly would- you want to light if from behind rather than from in front. The perfect light for this is either at sunrise or sunset, which we get a lot earlier in fall than what we grow accustomed to over the summer.

Other than these main tips it is up to you and your camera to make the magic that is silhouettes, make sure that the camera is focusing on the subject rather than the background and but otherwise, play around with exposure and even multiple-exposures!

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