Summer is Over? No Worries, We Still Have Our Photos to Remember It!


After a beautiful summer spent diving in freezing torrents, boiling seas, long nights, and long exposures, autumn has enshrouded everything with its colors. Let’s remember, with a little nostalgia, our holidays with friends having a look at the just-developed photos!

Autumn is spreading and here is some sweet nostalgia of the past sunny days! Why don’t we have a look at our splendid photos of a summer with friends?

I personally spent the month of August visiting beautiful riversides and seasides with my girlfriend and my friends enjoying the sun, diving, and lots of shutter clickes like there’s no tomorrow! With my camera bag, my sharp Pentax MX, and a funny La Sardina I was always ready for any situation.

The following shots are all taken with a Lomo XPro 100, which gave me a strong contrast underlined by stronger vignetting, typical for the La Sardina eye.

In these pictures I was nearby Orbetello, in the south of Italy. On a very bright day, which I would like to have now!

Continuing my trip, passing by some rivers, we went down to Rome where we didn’t miss long night exposures and longer naps in the beautiful parks of the city.

The roll I used for that occasion didn’t disappoint: a Fuji Velvia 100F which, when cross processed, gave me some unexpected red colors. I knew that the dominants could be of this type, but such strong results really surprised me…pleasantly.

Now what about you? Did you spend your summer with your camera in your bag like me?

Lomo On!

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