Zoomars Petting Zoo


The best thing about Zoomars is that almost all of the animals are donated or rescued. Many of the animals at Zoomars could have faced being cooped up in a small cage or even being put to sleep, but instead they get lo live a lavish life of treats and attention.

When it comes to naming this particular petting zoo I couldn’t think of a more fitting name than Zoomars because it truly is out of this world. With over one hundred animals to pet, feed, watch and shoot pictures of you’re sure to be in for a good time. Right as you walk in the entrance you come upon a large enclosure full of riley rabbits, gentle guinea pigs and a few crazy chickens. My eyes immediately became transfixed on the “king” rabbit, a light brown giant the size of a small dog laying blissfully with his friends under a wooden bench. He had obviously already had his fill of treats and was napping the afternoon away. After petting as many creatures as possible we moved on to check out some of the other animal attractions.

There is “Cookie,” the mini Dexter cow whom I felt a particular bond with. Then there were the three alpacas whom I likened to the Three Stooges of the petting zoo. They each had their individuality, yet were inseparable and klutzed about jockeying for the best spot to receive their carrot treats. On the other side of the petting zoo is the pony ride area, which laps around the large goat enclosure. Upon entering here we were immediately stormed by the masses and I quickly handed off the carrot treats and made a break as my accomplice was overtaken. When the dust settled a treatless and dirtied friend remained, while I snapped away laughing in my still clean clothes. Years of living on a makeshift petting zoo myself had finally paid off.

Not to be left out are the turkeys, geese, tortoise, pig and various other birds situated around the premises. Being a big turkey fan myself I gave them a little more attention than anyone else seemed to. The heat began to get to us so we headed back into the rabbit enclosure and caught sight of some newborn baby rabbits and their momma. I couldn’t believe how tiny they were. All in a days work at Zoomars.

Beyond being a petting zoo to the public Zoomars also offers educational trips for local schools where children can get up close with the animals while learning various fun facts as well as summer camp programs.


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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    What a cool zoo ! Great shots of very cute animals !

  2. sugiyamasatomi
    sugiyamasatomi ·

    hey, you captured the animal's emotion soooo well! Great job!

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