Beefcake Photos from the 1950's

2012-10-19 2

Since Lomography is travelling through time this week, we thought we’d share some more vintage treasures from the timewarp! Today we’ve got some medium format photos of macho men hamming it up for the ladies. Check out these greasy, sleazy beefcake (NSFW?) photos from the ’50s!

Photos via These Americans

Someone crack open a window because it’s getting hot in here!

Just like the amusing collection of photos of professional wrestlers from the '80s, we found these sexy/sleazy images of muscular men on These Americans.

With their killer guns, washboard abs, buns of steel, and, well, big balls (see photo #2), these well-endowed men have no problem showing off what they’ve got. I guess you can say beefcakes are the male equivalent of pin-up girls, only less classy and more cheesy.

What do you think of these, uh, oily and flex-y photos? Back in the future and quite tangentially, this is what we’re listening to:

No Beef – Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer

(But, really, we’re all over the bromantic one with the bums!)

See more beefy beefcake photos on These Americans.

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    Beefcake OK... but... WTF is AFROKI??? and why LV??? Strange commercial??

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