Safranbolu, a Town of History


Safranbolu is a World Heritage Site since 1994 and needs to be visited when in Northern Turkey.

Safranbolu is one of the small towns in the north of Turkey. The city was announced as a “World Heritage Site” by Unesco in 1994 and is now under the protection of law against architectural changes. The town is made up of small white, wooden houses and cobblestone pavements. In the centre of the town, there is an old bazaar called the Arasta where shoe makers used to have little shops, nowadays are used by little boutiques that sell clothes and other memorabilia.

The name “Safran” comes from the flower/spice Saffron. The Saffron flower only grow in 3 villages around Safranbolu and are the main income source for the inhabitants of Safranbolu. It is said that Safranbolu Saffron is the worlds best quality produce. It is used as spice, tea, fabric coloring and also in many of the Turkish Delights that are produced in the town by different companies.

Safranbolu is also renounced for its geographic qualities. There are many canyons that surround the town. The canyon create great scenery. Also there are caves and King tombs that need to be visited when in the town. The small village close to Safranbolu, Yoruk Village is also a sight to see. It is a small replica of the main town but even more preserved. It was inhabited by Bektashi families.

In the Ottoman times Safranbolu used to be an important trade route. Now it is an important sight to see when visiting the northern part of Turkey. Especially if you are a Lomo Lover, you’ll be sure to shoot wonderful photos!

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