Grasp The Autumn Breeze - Shoot Before Sunset

2012-10-19 2

When you start to notice dusk arriving earlier and earlier each day in Hong Kong you’ll realize it signifies the arrival of Autumn! As daytime over the next few months is short, let’s cherish sunlight with a roll of film and camera! Let’s get out and shoot before sunset!

Credits: heiwa

If Lomographs were like coffee, and the darker the saturation the stronger the flavor, want me to tell you how to give your shots the quintessential “autumn” flavor? Take it from a coffee and photography lover! You don’t need to retouch the images with photo software after the fact… all you need is a suitable roll of film going in! Like falling leaves, you can pick and gather the colorful films in our Online Store, such as the newly-released Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 35mm

The Sunset Strip is said to produce images of brownish and bluish tones. This fact along with the red-orange film package itself are testaments to Autumn! It melds in with Fall’s features! Let’s give a try and see what results from paring it with the LC-A+!

Credits: heiwa

For this Review I have documented parts of my daily life during the Fall with the Sunset Strip. While preparing this review and sorting through my photographs, the smell of Autumn penetrated my senses and played-back every moment in my memory. Allow me to share them with you…

Credits: heiwa

A Sunny Sunday
I visited Sai Kung, a place with traditional fishermen culture. It sure is worth spending a weekend there to enjoy the beautiful sea view!

Credits: heiwa

Normal Weekdays
Here comes the pictures taken from on my way to school. Flip through the gallery and you’re taking my route to class! I take public transportation every morning. So while it may look like an balancing-act in the crowded carriage, it’s the norm! I practice drawing in school, and when lessons end I go back home and work on my assignments with my messy desk to keep me company. Oh yes, I am a typical student!

Credits: heiwa

Here are some random snapshots. They comprise the cats I often meet on the street, the coffee shop I frequent, and the many mealtimes spent with my family and so on. How simple pieces of my memory can be captured with the click of a little shutter and then shared with friends across the seas!

Credits: heiwa

Honestly, this film rekindles my passion for cross processing! The unexpected results surprised me a lot! The refreshing blue and vivid autumn brown makes everything become more memorable. And this film works so well, even indoors! Please don’t hesitate to grab a bagful (like when picking up leaves). Let’s taste our Autumn with the Sunset Strip!

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  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Nice photos but this film is so grainy. I can't believe it is 100 speed.

  2. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    @simonh82 Thanks! Yes it looks grainy but maybe thats how it stands out from the others. worth trying anyway:)

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