Taking Back Tipsters: Instax Cameras and Film

Are you craving for that Instax fix, but at the same time, searching for a different approach? Well, you might be interested in this new installation of Taking Back Tipsters!

Here are some tipsters from our community members that you might find useful when you take your Instax Mini, Instax Wide, or even your Instant Back+ out for a spin!

Instax Business Cards by wn7ant

This tipster shows a simple but ingenious way of creating spontaneous and unique business cards with some transparency film and an Instax.

Photos by wn7ant

MX with the Fujifilm Instax! by dearjme

Diana and LC-A Instant Back+ users have it easy when it comes to doing multiple exposures. But Instax camera users need not fret! This tipster will give you tips on how to manually do multiple exposures.

Credits: dearjme

Instax Error by a_kep

Sometimes, errors and mishaps can’t be helped. But instead of throwing away that overexposed shot you can still get creative, thanks to this tipster!

Photos by a_kep

DIY Instax Frame by candy_1006

When we came across this article in PetaPixel about repurposing large format film holders as picture frames, it reminded us of a similar tipster by that we have here in the magazine but involving Instax frames.

Photos by candy_1006

Aside from just placing them on your desk, you can also try tacking or hanging them on the wall! They look really nice, especially if you have different sized cartridges!

Hope you guys enjoyed this installment of Taking Back Tipsters!

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