Milenio Bridge (Ourense)


Since the Romans constructed the first bridge on the river Miño in Ourense, it has been taken nearly 2000 years in constructing other of similar impact and of good conference on the city, the river Miño and its surroundings.

Inaugurated this work in 2001, it was designed by the architect Álvaro Varela and the engineer Juan M. Calvo, with the combination of concrete and steel. His original curved form is heightened by the pedestrian footbridge that comes up 22 meters, giving place to extraordinary lookouts on the Miño.

In this stretch of the river Miño to his step along the city of Ourense, there can be admired more than 2 000 years of history of the engineering and architecture in the construction of big bridges. Now, it is constructing also in this area the bridge to the new AVE. All the bridges are easily visitable, since some of them are alone of pedestrian use and also they all are joined with walks along two sides of the river Miño banks.

The most modern, on having covered it in tourist tour, day and night visit, serves like lookout on the city, other bridges and the river. His curves turn in capricious when they are seen across the fisheye. Certainly, take care with the descent for the stairs of his footbridges: it seems that we fall down into the river!!!

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    Nicely distorted shots !

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