LomoAmigo Patrick Winfield Shoots with the Diana F+


Artist Patrick Winfield takes on a new adventure with the Diana F+ camera. His expertise in graphic design and visual arts has given much attention with his collages and large scale composite images built from instant photos and others. Check out his interview!

NAME: Patrick Winfield
CAMERAS: Diana, Diana mini, Fisheye, Actionsampler

How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you start?
I’ve been a lomographer for about 3 years now, a friend hipped me to the film and i loved how the processing of the film turned out and the simplicity of the toy cameras. I am a big proponent for error or mistakes in art and encourage my photos to do the same :)

How do you incorporate Lomography in your daily life?
I take pictures all the time. Shoot from the hip. Shoot from the heart.

Tell us about your shooting experience with the Diana F+.
I love the way she surprises me. She lets in light here and there but always tells the story better than i imagined.

What’s the creative process like when you put together your composites and collages?
It is very intuitive. I will have a visual in my head of how the piece will look, but i always allow change to occur. I employ a simple call and response method to my collage, put an element down here- then respond.

Who (or what subject) would you like to feature in a piece next?
I love dogs and cats, so yeah… probably a huge mash up of fur, paws and teeth in a cute way.

What do you think makes a found object art?
The artists thoughts/intentions about using it. R. Mutt…

If you could hang around as a camera on anyone’s neck, who would that be?
My nieces- the viewpoint and the zest for life would fill a lifetime of film in a day.

The strangest, funniest, hands-down greatest, or most “unusual” photographic/Lomographic
encounter that you have ever had.

Kinda boring, but funny… I was shooting in Prospect Park here in Brooklyn and saw some old guy shooting with a Diana also. So I walk up to him and we start geeking out about the film type and how we get it processed and this and that… yada yada yada- turns out he is my uncle from my mothers side who moved to Alaska and just went off the grid for twelve years. That was his first day back in NY. Small world.

What’s coming up on the horizon? New projects? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind?
I always have dreams I am chasing down… currently trying to create a wall in my apartment completely covered in pictures of sun glares.

Any advice for Lomographers?
Take pictures all the time. Shoot from the hip. Shoot from the heart. & be kind to life.

Check out his website for information on his portfolio.

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