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Back in August and September I was lucky enough to get some work experience from a TV production company who would be doing some filming at the Paralympics. Such a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went packed with plenty of films! I was guessing this stuff wouldn’t be here after the Olympics and Paralympics so I was just taking photos of most things!

Welcome to the Olympic Park!
Credits: ehmahh
Credits: ehmahh

Of course I had to do some work, but here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the rehearsals of the Paralympics’ opening ceremony.

The whole crowd was just great to be around, everyone was just too happy and thrilled to be in one place. We were all there for one thing, to be part of history! And of course, to watch the sporting madness!

Credits: ehmahh

The orbit structure was in the likeness of a roller coaster and all us Lomographers love a bit of roller coaster so I couldn’t resist!

Credits: ehmahh

The moment I most fell in love with was the closing ceremony. I had my camera loaded and ready, and I absolutely love the shots. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was singing and waving and the fireworks was a great show!

Amazing colors from the Lomography XPro Chrome 100!

And my time came to an end. It’s a shame it’s over, but wouldn’t we get bored of it had it kept on going?

I hope some of my photos have rubbed off on you, and you got a feel of the atmosphere that was there!

Credits: ehmahh

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