World Teachers Day Rumble!


Most people take them for granted but they are one of the most important people out there. It’s time we give due credit to our teachers!

No matter how much you say you loved/hated/miss school, one thing is for certain: a teacher or professor has left an indelible mark on you. Be it his or her charming wit, inspiring attitude or brilliant discourses, at least one of them plays a formative role in our path to adulthood. That is why on October 5th, we will be celebrating World Teachers Day worldwide, in appreciation of the hard work and the long hours that they spend molding the future of our own respective nations. It is not a glamorous profession, nor is it a financially rewarding one at that. It is a calling and a vocation to share and guide the youth towards a formative path of learning, a path that no matter how old we become, never ends. Join Lomography in celebrating and appreciating what our teacher’s have done and will do for us.


  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue camera photo not digitally manipulated/enhanced. Please keep in mind of our World Teachers Day theme.
  • 10 picture upload limit,at least 768px in either width or height
  • Photos must be tagged at least with camera, film and location.
  • 1 winner gets 10 Piggies and 2 others will get 5 Piggies.
  • Meta data please (camera, film, location & 3 tags!)
  • By submitting your photos to this rumble, you allow to use your submitted photos for promotional purposes.

written by cruzron on 2009-10-05 #news #competition #rumble #education #world-teacher-s-day


  1. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    happy teacher's day!

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    woooww.. did i ever shoot my teacher or lecturer? i almost forgot ;p

  3. annegreat
    annegreat ·

    Very nice rumle theme - because I am going to be a teacher ;-)
    Thanks for reminding me that today is my day!

  4. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    hurray!!!! I love teachers, my life is full of teachers but sadly i never really photo them at work, only at play, well maybe I could look and see what I can do

  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    happy to see such a rumble!! Unfortunately I haven't shots from myself while teaching.... but submitted some shots from the school I visited in Burkina faso (the teachers there make an extraordinary work...) and from my empty classroom before the pupils come in... :)

  6. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    it's been a while since i've been in class...tho i have many friends who r teachers...too bad i don't have any shots of em teaching...:(

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