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2012-10-18 4

After first bringing the Lomo LC-Wide on a trip, here’s a proper test roll featuring slices of everyday life. I took the wide-eyed wonder with me to work, play, around the city, and out of town again, and I have to say that the LC-Wide is a greater all-around camera than the LC-A+. Literally!

The Lomo LC-Wide, Diana+ Flash, and me. Photo by Joseph Pascual

(This article is a follow-up to SAWIDEEKA! Bangkok with the LC-Wide”)

I have this awful habit of testing cameras during vacations. Call it good or bad timing, but it’s happened twice this year that I scored new cameras right before trips and didn’t have time to do test rolls before leaving. It’s pretty risky since I don’t shoot digital anymore so I wouldn’t have “back-up” photos if the rolls turned out wrong.

Credits: denisesanjose

Fortunately, I emerged from Boracay and Bangkok with beautiful travel photos, but I don’t wanna push my luck with analogue cameras so here’s a proper test roll for the Lomo LC-Wide!

Credits: denisesanjose

For a week in September, I decided to make it my everyday/everywhere camera and I had a ball shooting with it! The LC-A+ may be the alpha Lomography camera, but with the LC-Wide’s sharp 17mm wide angle lens, you’ll never miss a thing! This full-frame camera is compact (even though it’s slightly larger than the LC-A), easy to master, and just produces nice pictures! Above are some snaps from a relaxing afternoon in Tagaytay with family.

Credits: denisesanjose

Back in Manila, I attended the baptism of sweet little Gabrielle, my third godchild. The church’s official photographer was also shooting in film (a Yashica or Nikon SLR with flash, I think) so I asked him to take a photo of us with the LC-Wide. He looked rather impressed with the camera’s solid build when I handed it to him and was surprised to find out that it was analogue since most people shoot in digital. Considering how dark it was inside, I’m very pleased with how the shot turned out! However, I think the batteries were low on juice so the light meter was fluctuating and produced some dark shots.

Credits: denisesanjose

There was an adorable cat at the office that week and I just had to shoot her as she purred along people’s desks—mine included. Just check out how wide the frame is! In reality, I was sitting about a foot or so away from the computer yet it captured so much more than I actually saw through the viewfinder. The LC-Wide also takes wonderful landscape portraits (the irony), such as this one of my officemate Aaron aka kazarareta. I just had to crop it a bit because of the parallax error.

Credits: denisesanjose

You’ll notice the LC-Wide’s parallax error in the three shots above as I went on an urban adventure with my friend Joseph (who took the photo of me with this awesome camera at the beginning of the article). I usually frame subjects right in the middle and you’ll see that, while Joseph is right in the center, there’s always a bit more captured on the right side of photos. All the better to see with, in my opinion! Plus, it’s easily remedied by cropping if the extra elements really bother you.

Anyway, we went to Wells Photo Enterprise, a photo shop and lab that processed our B&W film. While we waited for the developing to finish, we traipsed around EDSA and found ourselves at this calming fountain while vehicles rushed overhead. Definitely the kind of moments this camera was made for!

Credits: denisesanjose

On another day, my cousins and I were hanging out on one of our favourite spots to chill: the forest next to probably the widest street in the village. Of course, I just had to take out the equally wide LC-W and they gamely reenacted the iconic Beatles _Abbey Road_ album cover! Haha good times!

Credits: denisesanjose

I was running low on film so I made a quick trip to Quiapo to get some supplies. Again, I didn’t realize I was having low battery issues (should have guessed when the red light meter wasn’t turning on!) so a lot of shots were dark. But I’d definitely do more street photography with it in the future.

Credits: denisesanjose

Another thing it’s good for? Party photos! I slid the Diana+ Flash from my Diana Mini Leopard into the LC-Wide’s hot shoe and it was ready to paint the town! There’s actually a delay as the flash goes off—it fires when you depress the shutter button—so there’s a bit of blurring and light painting in the photos, but I like the effect as it resembled my alcohol vision that night.

Credits: denisesanjose

And then it was time to return the borrowed camera. Would I buy my own LC-Wide? The answer is, if I had the moolah, yes. I said the LC-W is a greater camera than the LC-A and I mean that in both price and performance. It definitely packs a lot of punch in terms of optics, features, and build, but all that comes at a premium price tag.

Maybe I’m partial to the Wide because I tried it first and was very satisfied with the easy usability, shooting versatility, body durability, and superior quality. I recently tried the LC-A+ and also like it actually (stay tuned for a review), but if money were no object, then I’d definitely chose the wide-angle upgrade!

Credits: denisesanjose

See more photos shot with the Lomo LC-Wide in my LomoHome.

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    Nice photos, kano bat sa quiapo? :)

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    @kingferrer Forgot to get batteries actually so I'm not sure :-s Thanks though!

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