Childhood in Analogue: Of Hepcats and Fashion


Admit it, whether you were a kid from the 90s, 80s, or beyond, there was once a point in your childhood when you thought that your fashion choices were da bomb.

Denim over-alls with a rainbow applique? Check. Matching firetruck red bomber jackets? Double Check. Too-cool Lisa Frank lunch box? OH HECK YEAH CHECK.

Now, if you are indeed one of those cool kids, and you managed to capture them all in glorious film, then you might want to check out The Hepcatalog. It’s a gallery dedicated to those memorable sartorial moments of our childhood.

Photos via The Hepcatalog

Do you ever get that feeling you inadvertently started a trend, yet was never appreciated for your contribution? Ever felt you were ahead of your time, yet unfairly ostracised for your foresight? In a time gone by, were you a cool Hepcat?The Hepcatalog, About

Photos via The Hepcatalog

Let’s not forget that we have our share of cool kids here in the community, too! Why, just look!

Credits: cryboy, stuckintraffic, carmenism, anafaro & ethermoon

And if ever you plan to showcase to the world how fashionable you were when you were a child, don’t forget to share with us your Childhood in Analogue story as well!

Now, excuse me while I go find my rainbow legwarmers.

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