How Large Format Cameras Are Made

2012-10-18 2

If you’ve ever been curious about how those amazing large format cameras are made, we found the answer for you. Yes, these traditional cameras are still being made at this time and age, so find out how after the jump!

Despite the technological innovations in photography in the recent decades, many professional photographers will still turn to film if they’re after certain aesthetics than only the traditional medium can offer. Those who require optimum quality in images, for example, will pick up a large format camera for impressive definition and tonal range.

As such, it may not come as a surprise for hardcore photographers that there is still a demand for large format cameras in this time and age. For many of us who haven’t seen, much more get our hands on a large format camera, the burning question must be, how are these mammoth cameras made?

Lo and behold, fellow lomographers, we have the answer in a short but informative episode from a show called How It's Made below:

✘ Youtube:

Now, are you ready to see how Leica lenses are made?

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