Lomography Time Warp: The 90s

2012-10-17 2

We’ve pushed the time travel button again Lomographers! This time, we’ve done an impromptu segue to the bubblegum pop 90s! Check out some photos of our community members were livin’ la vida loca during this era!

Oh baby, baby! We’ve now entered the time zone where denim overalls and crazily baggy ‘parachute’ pants were the norm for the youth. From the era that brought to you cheesy dance moves care of the boybands, to the lolita-esque debut of Britney Spears, the 90s was full of color – and memories of tongue-in-cheek culture. Check out some photos of what some of our community members were doing through the 90s!

Credits: carmenism, tbrambo, sthomas68, jimjimm, kleeblatt & marant69

The Story Behind Some of The Pictures

Credits: carmenism

carmenism took this photo when she was nine years old. It on her first trip to Germany in 1997.

Credits: jojo8785

jojo8785 playing dress up with her little brother in 1994.

zoezo and her brothers in 1990 monkeying around before heading to the zoo.

Have any photos from this brilliant decade to share? Then upload them to the Track Back to the Past Rumble and you could be in for some seriously cool prizes!

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