Lomography Time Warp: The 80s

2012-10-17 2

It’s time to do an 80s flashback, dear Lomographers! Join us as we reminisce through community photos from the decade that brought you New Wave and tons of hair mousse!

A good number of members from the community are 80s kids – the era of the Music Television generation brought us legends like the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson synth music and a ton of New Wave artists. Check out how our members celebrated their youth in the 80s!

Credits: azotolina, flyboy, sirio174 & ilfrusta

The Story Behind Some of The Pictures

Credits: ipdegirl

ipdegirl and her younger brother in the autumn of 1983

Credits: b0rn2b1ush

b0rn2b1ush on a family outing to the beach in 1984.

Credits: azotolina

azotolina taking her first steps in 1980.

rene4's first encounter with snow in 1987.

Have any photos from this brilliant decade to share? Then upload them to the Track Back to the Past Rumble and you could be in for some seriously cool prizes!

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