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Lomography is once again on the spotlight as the cover story for EAST TOUCH Magazine’s October 16 issue! Check it out!

In lieu of its 20th anniversary, EAST TOUCH (東Touch), a weekly lifestyle and entertainment magazine based in Hong Kong, has chosen Lomography as the cover story for this week’s issue.

EAST TOUCH Magazine – Issue #907 – October 16, 2012

The extensive 16-page cover story includes the lowdown on the Lomography exhibition at last month’s Photokina, a timeline of the history of Lomography, and introductions to all of the cameras (with matching sample photos) as well as other products.

A few of local celebrities and photographers who were avid fans of Lomography like Maria Tang, Studio TM (Topaz Leung and Martin Cheung), NO.6, and Donald, were also invited onboard for an interview!

As an extra treat, this feature also has a rare exclusive interview with the founders of Lomography! Here’s a sneak peek:*

Q: When did you come up with the 10 golden rules?

A: […] inspired by the first 12 months of adventure with Lomography, we started to think about how we could put this new approach and shooting philosophy into words. These rules where designed as a totally alternative approach to photography, where we embraced the idea of shooting first and asking questions later. During the summer of 1992, we crafted what would become the Ten Golden Rules of Lomography, together with the Lomography Manifesto […] That is how we made our first analogue declaration to the world!

*Original published material is in Cantonese.

This issue of EAST TOUCH is out in stands now.

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