Lomography Time Warp: The 70s

2012-10-17 5

We’ve pushed the time travel button again Lomographers! And this time we’ve landed in the decade of bellbottoms and disco-divas! Yes, that’s right, we’ve hit the 70s!

Ever realized how the 70s churned out some of the most memorable cinema classics? Jaws, The Godfather, Rocky, Annie Hall, Star Wars! All these belong to the orange and brown decade afros and hot pants. But what about Lomographs from that decade? Well, we’ve found plenty. Check them out!

Credits: herbert-4, magos, tm1956 & arsomilio

The Story Behind Some of The Pictures

Credits: superlighter

One of superlighter's first ever photos. These are his cousins and sister chilling at the beach in 1971.

Credits: tyron_lannister

tyron_lannister's parents on their honeymoon in 1972.

Credits: iidiko

iidiko's mother and aunt in Berlin in 1975.

Credits: sirio174

sirio174 on holiday in south of Italy in 1976.

Have any photos from this brilliant decade to share? Then upload them to the Track Back to the Past Rumble you could be in for some seriously cool prizes!

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  1. webo29
  2. arsomilio
    arsomilio ·

    Thanks to you, @webo29 !

  3. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    yeah! thank you @webo29 cool memories from everybody!

  4. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    @webo29 Thanx for everyone's memories!

  5. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    great series!

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