Dutch Gallery Loses Picasso, Monet, Matisse to Art Thieves

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A Dutch gallery was supposed to be celebrating its 20th anniversary, but is now mortified with the theft of its seven valuable paintings, including works by Picasso, Monet, and Matisse. Find out more about this recent art heist after the jump.

The Henri Matisse painting “Reading Girl in White and Yellow” used to hang on the right side, next to a painting by Maurice Denis on the center, and Pierre Bonnard on the left side. The Matisse painting is one of the seven prized works stolen from Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo via TIME Newsfeed.

Two weeks after we shared some ten famous art heists in history, the art world is once again rattled by a recent art theft in the Netherlands.

It’s both sad and unfortunate that the 20th year of Rotterdam’s Kunsthal museum was marred by an art heist. According to reports by Associated Press and Time, the theft occurred during the early morning hours of Tuesday. While Dutch police would not yet reveal how the heist took place, reports say the burglars managed to run off with seven artworks valued at more than $100 million combined.

TIME and Associated Press tells us that the stolen paintings were Picasso’s 1971 “Harlequin Head”; Monet’s 1901 “Waterloo Bridge, London” and “Charing Cross Bridge, London”; Henri Matisse’s 1919 “Reading Girl in White and Yellow”; Paul Gauguin’s 1898 “Girl in Front of Open Window”; Meyer de Haan’s “Self-Portrait,” around 1890, and Lucian Freud’s 2002 work “Woman with Eyes Closed.”

It seems that the art thieves have already set their eyes on “specific valuable pieces” and knew which ones to pry off the museum’s walls. The paintings are part of the private collection of Willem Cordia and his wife, and were being showcased as a whole for the first time when the heist occurred.

Read more about this art heist on TIME Newsfeed and Associated Press.

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