Tajín was the most important totonac city, it is located in the state of Veracruz near the town of Papantla (that’s in the east of Mexico folks), wicked cool and quite impressive. Tajín also is the name of a popular brand of powdered chili.

Tajín was the most important totonac city, it’s name means “The City of Thunder”, nowadays it’s just ruins but they are quite impressive. I visited Tajin with a couple of friends during road trip last summer.

The archeological site is huge and there are lots of things to see. There are several pyramids and buildings with many niches, the niches are, according to the totonacs entrances to the world of the dead (or the underworld). There is a metal pole (before you enter the zone) where the dance of the Papantle Flyers is performed, in it five men climb the pole, one sits on the top and four tie themselves from their feet (to the top as well), then the four men jump and they go round and round and round the pole (13 times) until they reach the ground and meanwhile the guy sitting on the top plays the flute and a drum, it is VERY impressive.

In the zone besides lots of buildings and tourists there are some people selling things (at least they sold things to us) and by things I mean some necklaces (which I don’t like) and diverse fruits and vanilla beans (which I love), if you ever visit this place you MUST buy vanilla, it is really famous and really good, (and really cheap inside the archeological zone, I think there is a small community nearby and they sell the vanilla inside, but I’m not sure).

Outside there’s a little market where you can get some food or art crafts (and vanilla, but it’s more expensive there and I’d rather support producers).

Do take a hat, and sun block, AND water.

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  1. stouf
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    Superb ! It reminds me when I saw "Papantle Flyers" once... It was really amazing !

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