The Centre Cannot Hold: Wildlife Photography by David Gulden

A compilation of black-and-white photographs of African wildlife taken by photographer David Gulden was recently published. Read more about the collection after the jump!

Entitled The Centre Cannot Hold (Glitterati Inc., ISBN 978-0983270287), the book features 95 black-and-white photographs taken by wildlife photographer David Gulden over the years he spent in Africa.

Image by David Gulden via Get Addicted To...

The photos themselves possess an amazing charm as Gulden manages to capture the animals in their most personal, their most natural, with some almost vulnerable and intimate.

“[…] photographs that feature tranquility, bursts of action, portraiture, and the natural canvas of the animals and their environments, he visualizes for us the concept of global change so famously described by William Yeats in his poem, “The Second Coming,” and from which the inspired title of this work derives." — Book Description, Glitterati Inc.

Images by David Gulden via Get Addicted To...

All information for this article was taken from Get Addicted To... and the Glitterati Inc. website.

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