Trauttmansdorff Castle


The winter residence of Sissi.

The Trauttmansdorff Castle is located near the city of Merano in the north of Italy. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, still has medieval walls and rooms with renaissance frescos, then in the mid-19th Century, neo-gothic elements where added. Finally, in 1899, the Baron von Deuster converted the east wing into a large neo-Rococo styled room.

Nowdays the castle is a museum that documents the history of tourism in Tyrol and South Tyrol, the risks of early Alpine trips and how they discover this beautiful region as a holiday destination. Trauttmansdorff is famous because Sissi (Empress of Austria) made it her winter residence in 1870 and 1889 and she used to take long walks through the forest of the castle. In 1994, begun the construction of the botanic garden and some of the Sissi’s paths were included. The gardens are set in the terraces and slopes of a naturally amphitheatre-shaped site with a height differential of over 100 metres, offering views of the spa town of Merano and the surrounding mountains. Here, you can see more than 700,000 plants from all around the world distributed in 83 garden areas. A lot of tulips (my favorites), in spring time, you can admire more than 250,000 tulips! it’s so beautiful!!!

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  1. raissuli
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    Fantastic imagens! looks like drawings or paintings...

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    I agree with raissuli!

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    woo the gallery is perfect.. specially the #1!!!

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    these tulips speak about love!

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    hermosisimas fotos!!!!!!

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    I really like the tulip pretty! wow!

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    Love the shots, specially the flowers!! :)

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    Yeah ! Flower shots at their best !

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    Cool pictures !

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    omg, those tulips shoots was really amazing!

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