Xchange Your Obsolete Technology for Art


Got a stack of old floppy disks gathering dust in your home? How about x-rays? Want to discard them but you don’t know how and where? Well, you might find this of interest! Read on!

London-based artist Nick Gentry's body of work involves materials that have been contributed by other individuals.

According to Gentry, this process is a way for “contributor, artist and viewer come closer together”.

Images by Nick Gentry via Flickr

He is currently on the lookout for individuals who might want to contribute used floppy disks and x-rays to use for his future artworks. So if you are interested in getting rid of those unwanted materials, and at the same time, take part in a creative process, then this is the perfect chance! You can find the details here and you can take a look at his archive over at Flickr.

“As a social art project, your participation and contributions are a vital part of the creative process. The history and rich variety of memories contained in your old objects forms the main subject of each piece.” – Nick Gentry

Images by Nick Gentry via Flickr

He’s also asking for used film negatives, but I doubt any of use would be willing to part with it!

What do you guys think?

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