Spotted: Lomography in Portugal's Domingo Magazine!


From the Iberian Peninsula comes an issue of Domingo magazine with a special feature, “a moda da lomografia” or the fashion of Lomography! See Portuguese creatives ham it up with the LC-A+, Sprocket Rocket, and Diana F+. One of them even quit smoking for a new vice. Can you guess what it is?

Tipped by community member sprofishgel from Leiria, Portugal is this awesome issue of Domingo magazine! Here’s what the Portuguese glossy says:

In the cover it says “Lomography mania – thousands of amateur photographers prefer LOMO!” The feature title is “Back to film: Lomography is fashion. Members of the tribe, photographed with their LOMO, explain why”

It has some testimonies from Lomographers (I don´t know any of them; I should be there hehehe) who say something like “I stopped being a smoker to become Lomographer. Instead of paying 4€ in tobacco, I buy a film and take 36 shots (…) with old films we never know what´s there, it´s a registered past only known in the future (…) Lomography has an easy way in for those who don´t control have a lot of photography knowledge yet. Cameras are small, easy to use, although they´re a lot different from digital cameras. It´s better to the eye than digital photography. Almost like in music: hearing a CD or a vinyl.”

In the end, it says "Contrary to the 90´s logic, when digital started killing analogue, we find even some existentialist thoughts. “Lomography brings back nostalgic, happy moments. It’s a movement trough all society! For younger people it´s like missing an era that they never lived.”

Cool, huh? What are you waiting for then? LOMO ON! And if you’ve got some awesome article tips, let us know and we’ll give you some 5 Piggies if the story is published! ;-)

written by denisesanjose on 2012-10-17 #news #shop #magazine #lomography #portugal #diana-f #lca #lc-a #news #domingo #sprocket-rocket


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    @nquelhas: Porque é que não estamos ali? =D
    (vocês não aparecem ali pois não??)

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    @sprofishgel eu não estou e penso que @saidseni tambem não.
    Nesse dia devia andar a passear :)

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    @nquelhas, @sprofishgel: É, agenda muito preenchida, sabem como é... ;D

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