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2012-10-18 6

The digital era is upon us and I must admit, I am a fan of technology. I can’t live without the convenience of the Internet, and I’m never far from my smart phone. But there are two things that I still prefer analogue – photography and music.

I’m a big fan of analogue photography and I can proudly say that I still opt to shoot film. When it comes to music, I prefer purchasing CDs rather than digital files. Internet and iTunes have made purchasing music online easy and it is this ease that slowly pushes people to move to a digital way of living (the same can be said of photography).

In Auckland, it can be rather difficult to find stores that still sell a good variety of music on compact discs and vinyls. When I need to get a music fix, I go to a small boutique music store called Rhythm on Ponsonby Road. The lovely owners are friendly and music-savvy and can recommend you something new if you need a change (I often get them to recommend me some new artists/genre). My latest purchase is Nevermind by Nirvana and a collection by Frank Sinatra.

Rhythm Records – Ponsonby Road

There are a few reasons why I prefer to purchase compact disc.

  1. If you were purchasing music via iTunes, you can pick songs to download. This means that you just get the songs that you like. Some might think that this is a genius idea because it means that we only get what we want. However, if you get a CD, you are encouraged to listen to a collection of songs rather than just the ones that are popular. I often find myself buying a CD because I liked a few songs and then ended up falling in love with the rest of the album. It increases my appreciation for that particular artist!
  1. Compact discs are tangible objects which I can touch and feel. Similar to photos, I prefer to have my photos printed and placed in an album rather than just some digital files which I can lose when my computer decides to crash. Plus, artists spend a lot of time and effort on the packaging and album artwork!
  1. Some CDs come with interesting liner notes, posters, photos, stickers, and various memorabilia. You can’t get that with a digital file!
My latest buy

What’s your favorite album? Care to share?

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  1. lokified
    lokified ·

    I agree, digital music buying like iTunes allows you to cherry-pick, while leaving a record on for a full side promotes discovery. My digital answer to this is to use a service like Spotify, and have whole albums on a playlist & just let them play. That said, I just bought two albums by the Jam on Vinyl yesterday, so I'm changeable. :)

    Best deals, I think are the labels that release vinyl records with a code for a high-quality digital download.

  2. anttmaki
    anttmaki ·

    Ive just left digital photography behind and Ive never been a fan of buying digital music. To be honest I dont even own a cd player. :) However I do have a Sonos system build in my home, so I could easily listen internet radio or some music thru Spotify. Also my wifey thinks that vinyls are not so easy to use, so she did also want to have an alternative music system build up. I really enjoy playing music with my totally manual Pro-Ject vinyl player! :)

    One of my favorite albums is Danko Jones - Im alive and on fire.

    Good article!

  3. amytam
    amytam ·

    Thanks, @lokified! I'm trying to convince my partner that we need a vinyl player but he still needs more convincing! I didn't actually know that some labels release vinyls with digital download! I should read up on that and hopefully this will help with my case. Thanks for sharing`!

  4. amytam
    amytam ·

    @anttmaki, those Pro-Ject vinyl players are beautiful!! one day.... one day and I would get one! Thanks for sharing, I will give the 'I'm alive and on fire' a listen on Spotify!

  5. lokified
    lokified ·

    You can pick one up relatively cheap (I got my first for -$100) and eBay often does bulk lots of records :D

  6. anttmaki
    anttmaki ·

    @amytam, Those manually operated Pro-Jects are indeed good looking. I have the Debut Esprit (…) in high-gloss white. I started with a really cheap 2nd hand player that did cost aroud $30-40 - so getting your first player should not be a cost concerned problem atleas. Altho you can easily spend hundreds on new albums. ;)

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