Capturing Sunsets Without Going Too Far From Home...


There is no need to go into some kind of exotic place to admire the beautiful sunsets. In my city, there are many places to enjoy breathtaking sunsets, but, my favorite by far, is an old terrace overlooking the sea, near the old port! It’s a great place, which allows you to have an extremely wide view of the horizon. So it is a great place to go and take a lot of photos at sunset.

It was the first time I went there and I wanted to have a try with my old Lomo LC-A, bought from a market. I used a roll of Kodak Colorplus 200, and set the good LC-100 ISO (I wanted to try to overexpose a bit).

Since there is very poor light, exposure times were quite long, and not having an available cable release and a tripod to rest the camera, I had to make use of the walls, benches etc. Photographing sunsets is always very nice as it puts you to the test, you must be able to impress the exact emotions and the exact colors of that moment, that does not last long and comes only once a day! I’m still not very good at this, but slowly, I’ll have more experience and I’ll take beautiful and romantic pictures at sunset!

Lomo on!

written by kingdjin on 2012-10-19 #places #sunset #home #terrace #location #friends #italy #bari #urban-adventures

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