Fuji Fisheye Fun


Here is my Fisheye Baby 110’s adventures with expired Fuji Superia 200 film from the desert of Nevada to the green of Los Angeles.

My 110 format adventured started with B&W. The Orca was fun, but I needed a faster film. 200 speed seemed like the ideal choice for me since I am usually hiding in the shade whenever I can find it outside.

Before Lomography released their Color Tiger film, I bought two expired rolls of Fuji Superia 200 for my Fisheye Baby camera. I started off at Lake Mead in Nevada with some very bright panoramas.

Lake Mead

Next, I tried the flash at home with my SX-70 and test ugly dolls.The indoor shots came out nicely.The colors are saturated but quite grainy. I prefer the sharpness of the Color Tiger film for indoor shots.

Flash Tests

I finished off the roll of expired fujifilm at the Lomography Los Angeles Store whilst on a Diana Baby 100 workshop. These are my favorite photos of the bunch. Outside wandering around the sky is a wonderful, bright blue. The 200 speed film works nicely in the shade and bright sunlight. The linear store exterior really looks saturated and distorted.

Lomo Workshop Fun

Once inside the store, I hooked up my Diana F+ flash and took some photos of the film and the brand new Sardina 8-Ball. I was quite pleased with the results. What do you think?

Lomo Goodness

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