Spooky Lighting Techniques: Colorsplash of Horror!


Here is a simple trick to create spooky photos using your external flash.

Remember when you used to scare others by illuminating your face, from below, with a flash light while you are in the dark? That is essentially what this tipster is all about.

All you need for this tipster is an autoexposure camera that can open up the shutter as much as a few seconds or a camera with bulb setting. You will also need an external flash, preferably Colorsplash Flash. In a dark room, take the camera in one hand and the flash in another hand. Take a self portrait; while the shutter is open, trigger the flash in a desired angle. Instantly, you now have your spooky photo.

Credits: renenob

To increase its spookiness, shoot doubles with those portrait of yours. See the results I got below; two of which are film swap with icuresick.

Credits: icuresick

This one looks as though this newly married couple are haunted by the ghost of the bride’s ex-lover.

Credits: renenob

This looks as though I have been to hell.

Credits: icuresick

Of all the things to pair up my spooky face with, a church.

I hope you tryout this tipster.

written by renenob on 2012-10-19 #gear #tutorials #analogue #camera #lighting #spooky #tipster #flash #lomography

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