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If someone says they could feel the flow of time would you believe them? The average joe is hardly aware of passing seconds without a clock or watch so it’s hard to conceive of how it would be to “feel time”. However, with the aid of a film camera and a little technique know as the “time scan”, you can genuinely feel time flow!

Photo is taken from Jay Mark Johnson

Perhaps “time scan” isn’t as popular a term as “long exposure” to us analogue enthusiasts but it’s just as fun to do! Jay Mark Johnson, an artist based in the U.S., has amazed us with several series’ with time scan photographs as the pièces de résistance!

Photos are taken from Jay Mark Johnson

As we can see from his works above and below, the depth of field is of particular importance. Still objects positioned at the back are blurred and are captured as solid-color horizontal lines while the subject nearest to the camera appear crisp and clear! When gazing upon these photos do you feel as though you are gazing out the window of a fast car on the highway, enjoying the slow moving landscape in the background while the road in the foreground appears as a blur?

Photos are taken from Jay Mark Johnson

These images aren’t only for Johnson’s audience to experience the fun of time scan photography but also for him to express several deeper messages such as the need to reflect on our surroundings and appreciate other perspectives and world views that aren’t our own. way of seeing the world. People may think it strange but who said conventional automatically equalled reality! Plainly speaking, there’s no right or wrong!

People who are curious, such as us Lomographers, will often seek different methods of picture taking in order to experience the world and, in turn, give their audiences something to contemplate. With that being said, if you’ve already tried out multiple-exposures and long exposures why not turn to time scan!

If you don’t want to spend thousands on a split camera just to satisfy your curiosity, you can just as easily quench your thirst with a roll of 35mm film and our Spinner 360 panoramic camera! Take a look at the impressive works by all our community members!

Credits: mandi & kleeblatt

Interested but not sure how it works? Check out our time scan Tipster!

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