Gold Rush: Autumn on Film


Timing is key when shooting the autumn season. If you nail it right and avoided rain or snow, your efforts will be rewarded and well-deserved of a golden treat!

Credits: gelagoo

I have always been unlucky when it comes to taking photographs during the autumn season. For some reason, my timing is always off and rain (or snow/sleet) beat me all the time.

Credits: gelagoo

This year I have decided to outdo the changing weather by speed and much enthusiasm. That is, as soon as the green turns to gold, I will go outside and shoot. And shoot photos, I did.

This year, my hometown has experienced a drastic drop in temperature early in September and followed suit by a lovely shade of yellow, orange, and gold around the city. My two attempts to take photographs and capture the golden bask of sunlight paid off, and I was more than happy with the results.

Credits: gelagoo

My first attempt was when it was surprisingly warm after the week prior when it was cold enough to snow. My friend (laughing_giraffe) and I decided that after a long week at work, we’ll go to the park, get some fresh air, and shoot photos. I’ve always been comfortable with medium format, as I tend to think more and be selective with my photographs. It’s like editing my photographs prior to seeing the end results. I thought it’s a great way to welcome the beauty of the changing season. Not to mention, I only get this opportunity once a year, I might as well not blow up my chances.

Credits: gelagoo

My second attempt was more unplanned. I have recently picked up a half-frame camera at a garage sale. I have decided to take photos along the way to test the camera. Seeing that the leaves are still in the shades of red, yellow, and golden brown, I decided to use Lomography CN 100 to enhance the contrast of these colors. I must say that the results were way more than I expected, especially for a test roll. The photos turned out to be grainy and found that it added to the texture of the photographs.

Credits: gelagoo

Not long after these photos were taken, and my city was again enveloped in dark clouds and low temperature. It won’t be long until the mercury drops once more and snow falls on the ground. But with these photos, I have a memory of the fall descending upon us albeit very briefly.

written by gelagoo on 2012-10-19 #lifestyle #street #medium-format #canada #sky #autumn #leaves #fall #olympus #season #winnipeg #half-frame #manitoba #mamiya-645j #olympus-pen-ee2s


  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I miss the changing leaves...

  2. gelagoo
    gelagoo ·

    That's my usual story. But don't worry, there's always next year! :)

  3. laughing_giraffe
    laughing_giraffe ·

    Great article, and thanks for the mention gelagoo!
    If anyone's interested, you can see my photos from our walk (plus a few others) in this album…

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