I Like Photo Rainbows! Rumble

2012-10-15 37

Just how much do you like colour? Do you see them in a very natural hue like these colour negatives can give? Or you rather prefer to have these explosive pigments via cross-processing? If these are your thing, then you should join our new rumble!

Photo Rainbow

Whatever your preference is, you can find every kind of color you’re looking for here in Lomography! With the hyperactive snap-shooting Community, for sure, we got everything captured, sorted, and collected neatly via its Candy-coloured values!

Speaking of which, we thought of a rumble wherein you have to show us your own analogue rainbow! Just how you do it, you ask? Simple – all you have to do is go to our Photo Rainbow section of our site, select the color hexes of your choice, at least seven that will correspond to the rainbow palette( – ROYGBIV, you get the idea!) and gather all the photos you adore by simply liking them. Then head on over your own ‘likes section” in your home and voila, your own photo rainbow is done!

Let’s take a look at my rainbow, for example:


Fun isn’t it? Just remember to comment below with your photo rainbow link and from there we’ll see who has the most gorgeous looking rainbow collection!


  • Winner will take home 10 piggies and the most colorful badge, ever!
  • The photo rainbow collection must be in order of the rainbow pallette.
  • If you can fill more than one page of your ‘like’ section, the better!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    here it is www.lomography.com/homes/adi_totp/likes :D

  2. sobetion
  3. bongo_biene
  4. jabuka
  5. stratski
  6. dreadlockboy
  7. tsingtao
  8. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Here is mine: www.lomography.com/homes/saidseni/likes
    Should I keep my self from liking pictures not to spoil the rainbow…?

  9. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    saidseni's question it's really important

  10. superkulisap
  11. fookshit
    fookshit ·

    @saidseni of course not! you can like any photo you want, the rainbow trail will still be visible at your home :) but if you want, you can like other rainbow colored stuff for a whole week :)

  12. deprofundis
    deprofundis ·

    Hello, here is mine www.lomography.com/homes/deprofundis/likes

  13. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @fookshit: Ok, thanks! I know I should do a bigger one but this is not as simple as it seems, I only "like" pictures I really like, so... this turned out to be a hard competition! But a cool one. :)

  14. dogma
  15. lomiga
    lomiga ·

    enoy :www.lomography.com/homes/lomiga/likes

  16. stonerfairy
  17. anttmaki
  18. jelencitta
  19. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    In homage to Autumn:

  20. erinwoodgatesphotography
  21. holgardo
  22. lokified
    lokified ·

    And mine... www.lomography.com/homes/lokified/likes Don't know how long it'll last, though...

  23. foreverjoyful
    foreverjoyful ·

    Here's mineee! www.lomography.com/homes/foreverjoyful/likes

  24. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    You make me clicking "likes", the option that I never click on my "homes" =D www.lomography.com/homes/hervinsyah/likes

  25. iidiko
  26. kiteflyin
    kiteflyin ·

    I tried... got a little funny past ROY. I think I'll keep on trying because this was fun and hard to do. :D

  27. meryl
  28. badjuju
  29. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    No entendi...

  30. desibel
    desibel ·

    double rainbow all the waaaaaaaaay

  31. jimjimm
  32. goonies
  33. simonesavo
  34. sugarkawaii
  35. sexyinred
  36. bebopbebop
  37. funfun

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