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Lomography’s UK Cityslickers get up to all sorts of cool stuff. We hooked Marianne up with an interview with the lovely Nina Nesbitt, a young aspiring singer from Scotland who is definitely one to watch over the next year. Her self-penned EP The Apple Tree got to number 6 in the iTunes charts and she’s already toured with big names like Example and Ed Sheeran. Here’s what she had to say…

Marianne: How would you describe your style of music?
Nina: I’d describe it as acoustic music mixed up with a bit of electronic… guitar mostly, electronic beats. So I kind of say electro acoustic, that’s what I call it, but it’s not completely like rave at all it’s just, I like to use programmed beats instead of live drums

Recently you’ve been touring with Example, what was that like?
Ah it was really cool. Our music styles are quite different so I wasn’t really sure how it was gonna go but, it was really good and the crowd were really receptive which was good. And I got a lot of new fans out of it so I enjoyed it

What was the first ever tape or cd you ever bought?
It was songbird by Eva Cassidy, I like that album… a lot

Whats been the highlight of your music career so far?
The highlight for me would probably be what happened with The Apple Tree EP because, obviously I’m quite new to the music scene and I’d been working really hard touring with Ed (Sheeran) and Example and then there were headline dates and all that work, all these songs that I’d written, all the work in the studio and it was totally independent release. For it to do as well as it did like that was a highlight for me I think. I know for other people it might not be but for me all that work that I put in personally and didn’t have a label, I was really pleased with that.

What advice would you give to other aspiring singers?
I think just do what you like doing and don’t let anybody try and say “you should be doing this or that”, just… go with what you like doing, just be true to yourself and don’t listen to other people’s opinions that much unless you trust them. so, yeah, just go with what you like doing and work hard at it.

I hear that you write quite a lot of your songs, what do you write about, what inspires your writing?
Yeah I write all my songs. Anything can inspire me really. It can be like a person or… a place that I’ve been. I’ve written a song about a bus before, which is on my album, and it’s about my local bus and I’ve used that as a metaphor about moving from home.

What would be your perfect day
Perfect day would be sleeping till 1, getting up, eating carbonara. Lying on a beach, writing a good song, maybe doing something like going out somewhere with a boyfriend or friend, and then I think, a big gig, and then going out.

I heard that you have a remote control tortoise or something like this, like you have a tortoise mascot
This has got like Chinese whispers I think. Basically, my old manager had a tortoise, and I kind of took a liking to it and it’s in one of my videos, so everyone thinks it’s mine, but when I was on tour with Ed around Europe he went to the toy shop, and we all went along. There was a tortoise so I bought it and I take it as my lucky mascot. It’s not remote control though, unfortunately

Has it got a name?

So what’s going on in the near future for you, what’s next?
I’m in the middle of making my album at the moment, so that’s happening, I have a UK tour next month. Then I’ve sectioned out Scotland, I’m touring there in November, and then I’m going around Europe in later November. I’ve got a single coming out at midnight tonight! Called “Boy”, so that’s exciting, yeah so it’s all kind of happening

Check out Nina’s latest single “Boy”, available now on iTunes
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These words and photos are all by SaveTheMarianne. Check out the rest of Mariannes articles here.

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