Daegu Photo Biennale 2012, Korea


A variety of issues related to adolescents will be adressed at the Daegu Photo Biennale 2012, Korea. The main exhibition titled “Photography is Magic” while “Youth Code” is a special side exhibit. The best and the worst memories may be from our teenage years, though wether we are young or just young at heart let’s create new memories at this photo Biennale!

Image via Ryan Mcginley

Is it photography or is it a piece of art? The 4th Daegu Photo Biennale aims to get people to rethink what role photography holds to them and to cross the barrier between “photography as art” and “art as viewed through photography”. Naturally it’s different in various cultures, as are other practices and views. At the Biennale you’re invited to witness photography as a language, free from theory, as well as witness the feats photographers accomplish with new media. When it comes down to it, is the definition of photography, or art, that important anymore?

Image via David Favrod

The special exhibit “Youth Code” is curated by Nathalie Herschdorfer. The struggle adolescents engage in, in their search for identity within society while coming to terms with a new body is one of the elements adressed here. While contemplating the teenagers’ stories through the photographs and the struggle most of us go through, you may also be reminded of some of your best memories!

image via Dana Popa

The UK based photographer Dana Popa will have her work showcased at the Youth Code. Her works deal with contemporary social issues, placing particular emphasis on human rights. There are lots of public images and symbols in her series Our Father Ceausescu for which she documented Romanian youth to give us glimpses into their lives, 20 years on from the Romanian Revolution. Works from David Favrod and Ryan McGinley are also on display at Youth Code.

So, won’t you participate in the Daegu Photo Biennale 2012 this fall?

Venue: Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Center for Developing Culture (former KT&G building), Bongsan Cultural Center and other venues
Period : September 20, 2012 – October 28, 2012

Information for this article was taken from the Daegu Photo Biennale

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