Longhorn Tailgating in Downtown Austin!


You’ve never really experienced Autumn in Texas until you’ve gone to a tailgate! This October, I took a Lomowalk around downtown Austin on a cool and overcast Saturday afternoon to enjoy the full UT tailgating experience.

Photo by megzeazez

As a senior at the University of Texas, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe football fanatics at the height of their madness. But I know many people who are quite frankly not as into football as I am, and have never been to a tailgate. However, I truly feel that any Lomographer visiting Austin on an Autumn weekend should take time to swing by the University of Texas tailgating parties. UT fans are proud of their Longhorns and take care to celebrate BIG whenever they play at home, which gives us Lomographers room to step in and take advantage of the good vibes! There’s really no better time to photograph people than when they’re having a blast!

Almost anyone is down to be photographed when they’re partying THIS hard!

Where To Go
The tailgating action starts a few hours before kickoff, just south of the University of Texas campus and just north of the Capitol building – on North Congress Avenue between 15th Street and campus. Several city blocks are shut down specifically for the festivities, so it’s best to park away and walk to the tailgate! Parking spots in the heart of the tailgating action are prepaid and reserved, but these are only for the hardcore football fans willing to shell out the dough – most people hoof it and enjoy themselves sans wheels. Oh, and one more thing: if you need to stock up on film, the Lomography Galley Store Austin is just 10 minutes away, a quick walk around the Capitol grounds to 9th Street and Congress Avenue!

Trust me, you will absolutely know when you’re there.

You can attend the festivities for free, but that’s not all that doesn’t cost a thing! There’s free live music, free chicken wings, free sno-cones, and even free lottery tickets! Many of these come with no strings attached, especially the food items. Some vendors will pass out swag and ask you to take a survey (or they even just want to take your picture! You can take theirs, too). Overall, it’s worthwhile to grab what you can, it’s part of the tailgating fun.

Enjoy all the free fun that tailgating brings!

What to See
There’s a ton to see when you attend a Texas tailgate – from keg stands to big ol’ southern clichés, and even little green men; you won’t run out of things to photograph, but you might run out of film! Stick around for kickoff, and see the crowds lose their minds. It’s an all-around Lomographic frenzy.

Look around for the Texas-sized cowboy hats and the customized UT boots. :]

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