Create your own Lomographic Brooches


On your purse, on your backpack, on the lapel of your coat, as a scarf pin or wherever you want. Give your style a Lomographic touch with these felt brooches.

If you usually read my articles you’ll know that besides Lomography, I am passionate about craftwork. I spend part of my free time creating jewelry and other accessories with fimo, felt and recycled materials. Some days ago, during a fit of creative inspiration I thought of creating a collection of analogue jewels, which I’ve named “Analogue Love”. This collection consists of fimo earrings, pendants, and rings, and felt brooches. All of them recreating the shape of our beloved Diana.

Today I will explain you how to create a felt brooch as in the pure Lomographic style.

To make this brooch you’ll need:

  • Black, blue and gray felt. (You can buy the felt in square sheets in craftwork shops or by meter in specialized fabric stores in which it will be cheaper)
  • White glue
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • The base of a brooch or a safety pin. You can also experiment and use the base of a ring, for example.

First, on the blue felt draw the silhouette of the camera in any size you want. I drew it in 5×3 cm. Cut it out and draw on the black felt an equal silhouette and cut it out too.

We’ll use the blue silhouette to make the base on which we will glue the rest of the pieces.

Cut out the upper part of the black felt, as shown in the photos. This way, we now have the shape of the viewfinder.

Use the brush to glue the black body of the camera to the blue felt.

Now, draw a circle, a square and a rectangle on the gray felt. The circle will be the lens, the square will be the viewfinder and the rectangle will be the film advance lever. Once you drew them, cut them out and glue them as shown in the photos.

On the black felt draw a smaller circle than the one you drew on the gray felt. This one will be used to give a little bit of detail to the lens. Cut it out and glue it on the gray one.

Our Diana is now complete. Now turn it around, put the safety pin on the back of the brooch, cut out a felt rectangle (in any color, but blue is better) and glue it covering a part of the safety pin.

Let it dry for two or three hours to make sure that the glue doesn’t come off and now your brooch is ready!

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translated by lintrs

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