Fuji Superia 400 Gallery


For your everyday shooting needs, there is only one film you need to look for: Fuji’s contrasty Superia 400!

It’s not everyday that we shoot with our funkydelic slide films. Whether you’re saving them for a rainy day or just looking for something a tad more versatile, the answer lies in your regular negatives films you can buy anywhere! Sure, we all know slides are awesome but diversity is the spice of life! Fuji's consumer workhorse Superia 400 is just what you need. With just the perfect mix of contrast, saturation and grain, and a killer price to boot, you simply can’t go wrong with it. From hot days when the sun is out to really gloomy overcast days, Superia’s 400 iso is always flexible for most of your Lomographic shooting situations, even at night! Just don’t forget your tripod or your flashgun! Still doubt its power? Take a gander from these Photos to see what exactly the Superia is capable of. Give your expensive films a rest for a while and try this on for your everyday walkabout needs!

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  1. iloveverdi
    iloveverdi ·

    often generic brands are re-branded superia 400- buy a roll of generic film and peel off the label to see!

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