Unexpected Result: Expired Fuji Provia 100F


You are walking in Oporto during your vacation, and in a market near your hotel you find a table full of different expired films. I guess you would have bought one too.

The film was a Fuji Provia 100F from 2009. Obviously, when you buy any of this films you are taking a gamble and you never know what will come out of it. But that’s what the LC-A+ Russia Day is for, that camera that never fails and that always or almost always gets very interesting results.

The LC-A+ is an all-terrain camera. By day as at night, with a lack of light or with a bright sun. She knows what she has to do. Remember not to leave your camera on the couch and make use of it.

One never knows what can come out of expired films and moreover if they are in little markets exposed to all the possible inclemencies of the weather and who knows what else.

Still you can’t refuse to buy one and try it. I had never tried this kind of film and it was the moment of doing it. I paid 2 euros for it, and we could not miss this opportunity.

The result is totally unexpected for me, because I expected saturated greenish colors and not muted ones at all. We all know or have seen that the Provia has strong and saturated colors, but without going too far, even when using the crossed processing. But I found colors that look more like a Tungsten, with saturated colors, which I love, and are very fun. I’m telling you, I am surprised but happy with this experience. Different, don’t you think?

I still wonder: What’s the ladder for?

The rest of the film you can see it here y aquí.

See you soon!

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