Catching the Sunrise at Singapore's Very Own Punggol Waterway Park


Singapore is known as a beautiful and romantic country. This is especially true when it comes to witnessing the sunrise. Since Singapore is an island surrounded by sea, capturing the sunrise is definitely easier.

I had the golden opportunity to head to the northeast of Singapore to see the sunrise. Armed with my analogue gear, I traveled from the comfort of my home to the Punggol Waterway Park.

It was my first time here and I am quite excited about it. Though everything is new to me, I didn’t have any difficulty locating the park from various locations because a detailed map was provided at the entrance.

Map of the Punggol Waterway Park

How to get there:

Step 1: Travel to Punggol MRT
Step 2: Take the LRT from Punggol MRT Station to Damai LRT Station.
Step 3: Alight from Damai LRT Station

For our interested lomographers’ consideration, I have briefly included the direction to the Punggol Waterway Park. A picture of the entrance to the Punggol Waterway Park is included below.

Entrance to the Punggol Waterway Park

Upon reaching Punggol Waterway Park, I shouted ‘Oh Punggol, you make Singapore such a beautiful and romantic place’.

Away with the words, let the pictures do the talking. As the saying goes, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

I have been walking around Punggol Waterway Park trying to figure out the best spot to catch the sunrise. The photos below show the various locations I have took.

Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Location 4
Location 5
Location 6
Location 7
Location 8

Do let me know if anyone has better spots. =)

At last, the entire Punggol Waterway Park has been lit up.

In conclusion, I am glad that I have made the trip down to Punggol Waterway Park. Otherwise I will not appreciate the sunrise here. I will continue to make more trips if time is more favorable in the future.

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