My Wanderlust Wonderlist (Part 2)


In the first half of my wanderlust wonderlist, I numbered off three places that I would like to visit at least once in this lifetime. Now for this half, I’ll list off the places that I have visited but would like to visit again in the future.

Milan, Italy. When I was 12, I flew to Milan to visit my mother, who was working there. By the end of my month-long vacation, I was already half-begging my mother to let me stay so I can wander around the city more, and eat all the gelato and crespella that my body can take.

Photos by neja, biri, and mok, and

Singapore. Okay, so I’m sort of cheating because I technically didn’t just visit Singapore, but rather I lived there for a while. But still. I haven’t been to Pulau Ubin, and Gardens by the Bay yet! And I miss the ice cream from Tom’s Palette.

Photos by trw, b0rn2b1ush, and yapfl

Hong Kong. The last time I was here, I wasn’t able to go around much since I was with my kid cousins and we mostly spent our time in Hong Kong Disneyland. Not that I’m complaining though.

Photos by ccwu, porkchopsandy, and gocchin

Well, this wasn’t as difficult to decide as the first part of the list since I haven’t been around to many countries. I’m hoping that someday though, I’ll be able to fill out my passport as well as my photo albums. How about you guys?

Adventure is out there~!

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