La Sardina Wardrobe Artist - Speak Cryptic and his La Sardina DIY

“A lot of what I draw is based on a reaction or on an instance and I’m basically making constant attempts in re-representing this idea of a landscape. I am always going for the ‘weight’ and making it as ‘heavy’ as I can. It’s pretty vague, I know. But I’ve been really lucky to have some people relate to what I do. It’s such an amazing thing. I like talking to people about it, too.” See if you can decipher the cryptic speak in Speak Cryptic’s La Sardina DIY!

Farizwan Fajari a.k.a. Speak Cryptic


Speak Cryptic has exhibited extensively in Singapore and many parts of the world. He was recently one of the artists shortlisted for The Singapore Show: Future Proof, an exhibition showcasing the works of young artists whose innovative and unique practices have generated attention and accolades in various art circles. He also plays the electric bass for local indie bands I Am David Sparkle and Concave Scream.

Speak Cryptic’s La Sardina DIY


Armed with just a graphic pen, Speak Cryptic sets about planting a picture on a picture-making device – a landscape that floats about his headspace every so often… Against a seemingly bleak blackened sky, one sees sand dunes, castles, pyramids and wonders what messages lay buried in the desert.


Busy replying fan mail at the Opening Party

**La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Singapore**
September 21 – October 14 @ 12pm – 9pm
Featuring MOJOKO, Eric Foenander, Monster Gallery, Yong, Kitt Santos, David Chan, Astralrae, MASH-UP, Clare Marie Ryan, Speak Cryptic and Bradley Foisset

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