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2012-10-17 5

If you are looking for an original way to make doubles, this is your tipster. Circles, squares, hearts, and anything that pops in your mind.

Pictures full with circumferences, that in turn have pictures in themselves. Doubles that combine color with redscale…
This is a very easy to do trick and a easy way to create a mask for your cameras as well.

I was thinking how to experiment with my cameras, and this thing popped in my mind; a bunch of photos I did using a mask made out of black cardboard but came out not very nicely (due to my lack of patience when putting the mask again in the camera).

After thinking about it for a while I came up with a similar trick like the one I mentioned before. I was going to fill my photos with red circles!

For this tipster you will need:

  • Black Cardboard
  • A Ruler
  • Scissors or Cutter
  • Adhesive Tape
  • A Pen
  • An Camera

The trick consists in making a mask to put in the camera and then shoot the pictures.

To begin with you’ll need to measure with the ruler the height and width of the square inside the camera where the cardboard is going to be. Then, with the help of the ruler draw an identical square on the cardboard.

Once you have it done, draw circles of different sizes within the square. You can also draw lines, hearts or whatever you like….Use your imagination!

Now, with the help of the scissors or cutter cut the square and all the circles (or shapes) that you have drawn in the mask.

The last step is opening you camera back and put the mask on the square just before the picture frame. Fix it with the adhesive tape so it won’t move.

Now you are ready to shoot!

Once the film roll is over take out the mask to reload the film and shoot with it again.

The outcome will be doubles with circles on them!

You can alter the order if you like. First, shoot without the mask and then reload the film this time with the mask installed in the camera. Actually, I did it this way.

I shoot the first time with my fisheye (without the mask) and the I loaded the roll by the other side for the redscales:http://www.lomography.es/magazine/tipster/2012/10/08/como-hacer-un-redscale-casero then I reloaded it in my pc premiere with the mask. The results were color photos filled with orange circles!

written by sibux on 2012-10-17 #gear #tutorials #diy #camera #mask #homemade #tipster #circles #tispter
translated by tikismeekis


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    Cool idea!

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    so awesome! <3

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    can't wait to try this out

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    Will try this for sure. :)

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