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Aaron Nieh rose to prominence in his sophomore year due to the Eslite Mall project. He published a book and had his own studio before the age of 30. He is the designated designer for many iconic pop albums, and is an award winning book cover art designer. In the hands of such an accomplished designer, what will the La Sardina DIY be transformed into?

Q1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself!

I am Aaron Nieh, Yung-chen, from Taichung(with Taichung accent to match, born in 1977. I Studied in Taipei and had been working for more than ten years. I am now a graphic designer, designing record album covers and book covers, I hope to learn from everyone here.

Q2. Can you share your thoughts when you first saw the all new La Sardina DIY ? Do you know how you want to design it right away?

When I first saw the camera, I felt that its exterior is very white and new (duh!), and my mind just went blank as well (I need some time).

Q3. Can you share the thoughts behind your La Sardina DIY design? Does it have a name? What are the materials used? Where do you get your inspirations? What ideals do you wish to convey?

I named it"Gossip". To me, a camera is like a medium, a provider of information. Anyone holding a camera has a right to express, propagate, and interpret the image. In Taiwan, where there is a multitude of media and news becomes more entertaining, everyone is a News Maker and a Gossip Marker. With regards to news, every one can define it based on their own scraps of information, it is also known as “Urban Rumors”.

Aaron Nieh’s La Sardina DIY creation

Q4. Are you satisfied with your creations? What would your design be if you have another new La Sardina DIY ?

It’s ok (swiping his fringe). If I have another La Sardina DIY, I would spray paint it black and then I will take it from there. I can’t resist painting it black as it is originally so white!

Q5. A lot of people refrain from buying La Sardina DIY as they don’t have confidence in their drawings, do you have any suggestions?

I didn’t draw on it as well!

Q6. Were you ever a Lomographer? To you, what is the value of photography?
I bought an LC-A+ for fun a few years back. Owning a film camera in this digital age makes me feel good, and it’s like a toy which you can bring along all the time. You can shoot with no pressure any time anywhere, and look good at the same time. The most important fact is that the end results are unpredictable. This is a good surprise and I often get unpredictable results.

Q7. What is your most unforgettable photography experience or your most treasured photo? Why is that so?

I don’t think there are any!

Q8. Can you share your plans for the next half of the year?

I want to go for a long holiday and disappear, switching off my mobile phone. Everyday, I will sleep till I wake up naturally.

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

White color lets your imagination run wild. Lomography gathered 9 Taiwanese artists from all disciplines to design an all new wardrobe for La Sardina DIY. Besides the beautiful exteriors, they also communicated some current affairs of Taiwan! Lots of excitement to look forward to, this is how one can have fun with La Sardina DIY! Please visit the Taipei flagship store and sample Taiwan’s creative stories!

  • Exhibition Date:2012.09.21 ~ 2012.10.11
  • Exhibition Venue:Lomography Taipei Flagship Store
  • Free Entry

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