10 Gifts for Your Fellow Lomographers This Holiday Season


Are you done shopping for some gifts for your lomographer friends? Sometimes, it’s not easy to find the perfect gift for them, but no matter, I come to your rescue with some gift suggestions!

Part of the yearly Christmas checklist is gift shopping for family and friends—-yes, lomo-friends included! Are you still struggling to find something nice for you lomographer friends this Christmas? I know that time is ticking and it gets harder to shop around as the Yuletide season comes in full swing, so if you’ve ran out of ideas, maybe you can consider these gift suggestions!

Photo by Diamond ϟ Sea on Flickr

1. Film

Yep, it’s pretty obvious and qualifies as a good last-minute option. Film is practically fuel for the lomographer’s soul, so you will never go wrong with a roll or two. How do you make sure your lomo-friend will fully appreciate your Christmas present? Give him or her 120 films if he or she shoots mostly with medium cameras like the Diana F+ and Lubitel 166+, and 35mm films if you often spot him or her with the LC-A+ or LC-Wide. Consider gifting slide films if he or she has more color negatives in the stash, or, if you’re feeling a bit more generous than usual, some rare films from your prized collection!

Credits: freaktv

2. Handmade Christmas Cards

It’s time to put some of your best film photos to good use this Christmas! Choose the most festive and Christmas-y snaps, print them out, turn them into handmade cards, and I’m pretty sure your lomographer friend will love your holiday greeting!

3. Prints of their best photos

Do you have lomo-friends who have lots of amazing lomographs but hardly ever gets them printed? This is the perfect time for you to let your friends see their snaps in a different light — as tangible proof of their beautiful photography! Don’t forget to leave a note: let your friends know why you think the photos you picked are the best they’ve taken so far, and suggest that they display them with pride in their home or work spaces.

Just some of the nice camera-themed goodies you’ll find in the Lomography Shop

4. Camera-themed goodies

This is yet another pretty obvious choice, but believe me, it will never go wrong. Any photography-themed accessory will bring a smile on your lomographer friend’s face. Necklaces for the ladies, shirts for the guys, or keychains if you want something unisex.

Photo by stratski

5. Film Puller

If you’re far along into shooting film, you may have have experienced rewinding your film all the way in the canister when you’re not supposed to, especially if you’re planning to hand over your roll to a doubles buddy. The makeshift/emergency film puller is always worth a try, but if you want to spoil your lomo-friends a bit, you can give them an actual film puller. It may be a challenge to find some, but if you do, consider giving your friends the gift of convenience!

Photo via freestylephoto.biz

6. Film Changing Bag

If you have a lomo-friend who is fond of making his or her own redscale films, consider giving him or her a changing bag, so he or she won’t resort to making them in total darkness! Also, it would be an item off your friend’s checklist of DIY developing paraphernalia, if he or she is considering developing his or her own film in the near future!

7. Instant Film

Maybe one or two of your best lomo-friends has an instant camera or an instant back for their cameras but haven’t been shooting with them lately due to instant film shortage. Why don’t you tell them to dust off their instant cameras or instant backs, and give them some instant films if you feel like splurging a bit on Christmas presents!

8. The Lomo Life Book

Lomography recently released the Lomo Life Book which celebrates two decades of analogue love. Any lomographer will definitely love having the two-volume book set, making it a perfect present for your lomo-friend this Christmas (or any occasion, actually)!

Image via Tim Laman Photography

9. Photobooks

We lomographers like drawing lessons and inspiration from photography masters of yesterday and today, so if you feel like giving your lomo-friend some brain fodder, a photobook relevant to his or her taste and style would be a good choice. If you’re lucky, you may find in your local bargain bookstores some copies of interesting ones like National Geographic’s Through the Lens: Greatest Photographs in good condition.

10. Photography Documentary DVDs

Aside from photobooks, you can also give your bestest best lomo-friend/s a DVD or two of interesting photography documentaries, like the one about Diane Arbus above. We lomographers are always interested about the history of photography and some of the notable photographers of past and present generations, so your bestest best lomo-friends will find his or her eyes glued to the screen watching these documentaries!

Did we miss anything in this list? Why don’t you give us your own gift recommendations for your fellow lomographers in the comment below?

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