News for the The First Batch of Belair X 6-12 Orders

2012-11-07 6

Belair Jetsetter cameras to be shipped earlier. Our production teams have been working extra hard this past month trying to get out the first Belair’s shipped before the holiday season. All this hard work is paying off as we have some cameras ready to ship. Read below for more information.

Much like a National Geographic nature documentary, we have been tracking the evolution of the Belair at Lomography for quite some time. From it’s humble beginnings as a concept camera to its development into the full blown glory of a medium format photographic wide wonder. Now it’s time to set this baby free and see what it can do!

For those of you who first ordered the Jetsetter, the news is great! We already have some cameras rolling in which will be distributed for early delivery (you will have gotten an email from us if your order is in this first shipment)! We also have confirmation that more cameras should be shipping sooner rather than later. Although we can’t guarantee shipping for before the 17th of December, we’re trying our hardest to deliver before then. Who knows, you may be one of the lucky few who get the Belair before expected.

Haven’t ordered a Belair yet? No worries, we’ve still got plenty for you to pre-order, get it now and you can save 15% off the original price and get a pack of film for free!. Head over to the online shop and pre-order your Jetsetter or City Slicker today.

Patience is a virtue, but we have a little something to help you along the way! Take a look at the latest photos we’ve gotten taken with the Belair and gather some inspiration for your next project with your new companion.

Want more on the Belair? Check out the features that make the Belair special, some great interviews with the people who shot with the camera, as well as some great gallery articles!

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  1. placidcasua1
    placidcasua1 ·

    I ordered within an hour of the launch but haven't had an email. I hope this is being done fairly...

  2. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @placidcasua1 : as mentioned in the article, the first shipment is for the Jetsetter. According to our records, you purchased a Globe trotter... But don't despair, we are working hard to get all delivered as soon as possible!

  3. placidcasua1
    placidcasua1 ·

    Oh yes - sorry, I'm so excited to get it, I can't even read straight!

  4. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    @gabysalas I ordered the jetsetter within a minute or 2 of the launch in the US (kept refreshing all morning til I could order) and I have not gotten any email notifications.

  5. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    @gabysalas my order says "On Hold (No Stock)", is that because of the bel-air or is it because i have a few rolls of film in my order that I notice are not in stock. If it's because of the film, I really don't care, just send whatever film you got that is equal or lesser price, but please don't let that hold up the order of the belair! I have to get shooting so I can write my review and tipsters for the camera!

  6. daveinsa
    daveinsa ·

    @sixsity I'm guessing that's because of the jetsetter. Mine says the same and I ordered film too, but just regular 120 xpro and color negative stuff that's in stock. So I'm assuming it's the camera marking it on hold

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