Digital Darkroom: Printing Technique by Adam Rhoades


By combining the modern medium with the analogue technique, UK-based photographer Adam Rhoades has come up with a rather interesting way of printing digital photographs.

Now before you guys throw me at a fiery pit for the D-word, read on.

As part of an experiment, Adam Rhoades built an enlarger equipped with a 50mm lens that allows images to be focused as a 35mm negative. His image source is basically his iPhone, which can be mounted on top.

With the colors on the images inverted beforehand, the images projected by the enlarger unto the light-sensitive paper are basically digital negatives.

Image by Adam Rhoades

“Dramatic vignetting can be seen in the prints, this is mostly because of limitations of the rig and possibly a slight darkness of the iPhone screen in the corners. Results vary depending on the size and contrast of the image.” — Adam Rhoades

After the images are projected or exposed for a few seconds, the paper is then processed normally with traditional chemicals. Below are some of samples.

Images by Adam Rhoades

Now the question is, what do you guys think of this experiment? Is this an acceptable mix of the analogue and the digital?

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