Chicken Feet: For Vintage Lovers


Wandering around the streets of my home, Ciudad Real, I found this little women’s vintage style clothes and accessories shop, and I have to say, it’s really worth a look.

Credits: radiactive

If you are a fan of this style (of which the number has increased a lot recently) and of any analogical trinket, this is your shop.

At the front counter there’s Sara, who will help you with all her friendliness and kindness. All the decoration on the walls, shelves, and ceiling came from her grandfather and secondhand markets. See:

Credits: radiactive

I don’t even have to say that all the clothes are absolutely beautiful, and most of the designs came from Pepa Loves. And from my own experience, I can tell you that the quality-price relation is fantastic.

Credits: radiactive

So girls, you know now that if you are around the city, don’t hesitate and go take a look!

written by radiactive on 2012-10-15 #places #colorful #location #clothing #glamour #select-type-of-location #locations #vintage
translated by lintrs

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