NSMBL Your Own La Sardina Rumble = EXTENDED

2012-10-10 8

Have you guys already heard of NSMBL? We found out Lomography and NSMBL are a great match: we both love creativity, DIY and everything that is analogue. So, one, two, three – NSMBL Your Own La Sardina Rumble!

La Sardina DIY from Charlene Chang

Please note: this rumble is extended till Monday December 3rd 5pm.

NSMBL, out of nowhere they became, within a year, one of the most popular Dutch blogs about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, food and art. Their motto: piecing together the daily puzzle called life. They even have their own DIY section on their site. How cool is that?

Lomography and NSMBL are the perfect match and teamed up with a very special competition! Are you all arty farty and DIY is totally your thing? Busy like a bee with pencils, sharpies, glue ’n glitters? Then get ready for a creative challenge where you can win some BIG prizes! Read on for all the details.

Done that, we’ll send you the blueprints of the La Sardina camera by e-mail. Print out the blueprint and start your working on your own design. Fully analogue of course! Get yourself some glue, glitters, color, sew some fabric on it: impress us, go nuts. Think about how do you want to present your personal design: digital, analogue, analogue in digital, digital in analogue or even analogue in 3D ;).

Ready with your design? Please send it in before Monday December 3rd the analogue way by postal mail to:

Lomography the Netherlands
NSMBL Your Own La Sardina Rumble”
Herengracht 298
1016 BX Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Together with our friends from NSMBL we are going to have a very close look at all the entries and will announce the winners on Friday December 7th in this magazine.

Read here the special story of the ‘transparent La Sardina’ cover.

The Big Prizes:
Lomographers from Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

Lomographers from all other countries

The two first prize winners will be asked to transform their design into the real deal! NSMBL and Lomography will follow the winners closely during their design process and will afterwards interview them on both websites. A unique chance to get your creativity into those spotlights, yeah baby!

NSMBL & Lomography Expo Party
After the project we are going, together with NSMBL, to create an exhibition of all the contributions and launch it with a big party in our Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam. At this party, the winner from the Benelux will share his or her story and explain what inspired him/her/them. We will keep you posted about this special event!

La Sardina DIY of Charlene Chang

Wanna get inspired first and get to know a little bit more about this unique La Sardina DIY camera? Check these articles to see what other arty farty creative people did to their La Sardina DIY camera.

We wish you good luck and we are looking forward to all your designs!

Can’t wait to start pimping your own La Sardina DIY, then order it now from the online shop! Mix and blend some artistic talent and customize it to your own taste. The changeable fronts and the ink permeable material gives you all the freedom you need. Let your fantasy go wild on the La Sardina DIY!

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translated by mrmaart


  1. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    I have submited the info in order to get the blueprints, but it seems something it´s happening because I have not received blueprints.
    Can you help me?

  2. anna-lomo
    anna-lomo ·

    Hi holgardo! I have sent you the blueprints. Have fun and greetings from Amsterdam! :)

  3. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Thankyou @anna-lomo

  4. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Yay! just posted my entry today, hope it gets there :D I was glad of the extension, as this one kinda got away from me the first time.

  5. matildemenezes
    matildemenezes ·

    Hi, I am also having problems with recieving the blueprints.
    Can you send them to me?

  6. anna-lomo
    anna-lomo ·

    I've have sent you the blueprints today matildemenezes, did you receive them ok? :)

  7. barack31
    barack31 ·

    what if it does not reach the address in time if shipped?

  8. anna-lomo
    anna-lomo ·

    Hi barack31! If your design does not reach in time, it will still be exhibited - but it won't be competing for the prices. Good luck! :)

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