Black & White (in Colour): New Video from Eran Amir


See a room come to life with color, literally, thanks to Eran Amir’s awesome brand new video. Check it out!

Screenshot. Black & White (in Colour)

Israeli filmmaker Eran Amir — known for his viral 500 People in 100 Seconds and The Human Piano videos — is back with a brand new viral hit, Black & White (in Colour).

While it may not be in the same style as his previous work, Black & White contains the same quirkiness you’d come to expect with Amir.

In the video, you see Amir, painted completely in grey, sitting in font of a table, and surrounded by a setup painted in the same shade as well. As the seconds fly by, his world comes to life in color ala Pleasantville.

Captured on camera in “full color”. The video did not undergo any color correction or any other form of alteration. Don’t believe me? Then watch it below and see for yourself!

You can also watch the making of this video here.

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