That Night with Doug Aldrich


On October 6th 2012, Doug Aldrich and his band, SteamRoller, gave an amazing performance at Savino Live in Cyprus for which we will always be grateful. Epic night!

The reality is this. I live on a small island, and due to the lack of organization and laziness (which frequently describes Mediterranean people) combined with the small population, which by default, means that any big production show would generate a gross profit of zero, many legendary bands and musicians tend to avoid coming here. And to make matters even worse, there aren’t a lot of production companies with the skills and knowhow to host events like these. Any attempts in the past resulted in utter failure.

And now this; I received a phone call about 3 weeks ago from my friend’s band, Neon Knights, asking me to document a gig for which they would be opening for Doug Aldrich and his band Steam Roller (bassist-Michael Devin, drums-Joe Travers). Doug Aldrich and Michael Devin are members of Whitesnake and Joe Travers has played for Duran Duran, Billy Idol and Zappa Plays Zappa (a tribute band for Frank Zappa with lead vocals by Dweezil Zappa). Most importantly, for me at least, not only is Doug Aldrich considered as one of the best guitarists out there, but was also playing with Dio who arguably is in the list of the top 3 frontmen that ever lived and had a voice that could bring down a building.

The expectations of witnessing an epic show were rightfully high and boy did they deliver. Neon Knights took the stage first delivering a gob smacking performance playing old classics like Heaven and Hell, Master of Puppets, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Highway to Hell and others which really got the huge crowd going.

And then the moment that everyone was waiting for came. An uproar of fans welcomed these legends to the stage and it literally took off. I did my best not to get caught in the mosh-pit but it eventually happened, attempting every now and then to take a picture while a random guy was pouring beer all over me and another elbowing me in the face.

What ended up to be an unbelievable show ended with an even better way when Neon Knights and I went backstage and they thanked me for taking all those pictures and actually asked me if I could send them some.

When I eventually went home reeking of beer, smoke, and something else I could not identify, aching from pain, I found myself smiling in the mirror like a lunatic. It didn’t matter, I welcomed it.

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