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Taiwan’s homegrown bicycle brand “SENSE30” derived its name from the tattoo on Joe’s hand “30”. Aside from being the planning & design director, Joe, who loves to create, is also the design director of the famous design firm, Good Studio. What type of blueprint does Joe see on the La Sardina DIY?

Q1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself!

I am Joe,age 35,born in Donggang but I don’t know how to fish; I like to draw and started designing using a mouse. I started accumulating bigger and more pieces of canvas. I know I can’t change the world but I hope that I am at peace on the day of reckoning.

Q2. Can you share your thoughts when you first saw the all new La Sardina DIY ? Do you know how you want to design it right away?

I like its retro design but I only had some ideas after a second look.

Q3. Can you share the thoughts behind your La Sardina DIY design? Does it have a name? What are the materials used? Where do you get your inspirations? What ideals do you wish to convey?

I like to create with words, every stroke is elegant and beautiful. This time, I presented the idea using Taiwanese surnames. I feel that photography is the same as stamping, it leaves a mark, a personal seal. Through the use of 3D stamps, the limitations of a flat surface is demolished, it stimulates the sense of sight and touch. When you finish taking photos, your hands might be marked by words.

Joe’s La Sardina DIY

Q4. Are you satisfied with your creations? What would your design be if you have another new La Sardina DIY ?

I am quite satisfied! Perhaps the next design would be based on farmer’s almanac etc.

Q5. A lot of people refrain from buying La Sardina DIY as they don’t have confidence in their drawings,do you have any suggestions?

It is not important how well one can draw, the crucial part is the DIY.

Q6. Were you ever a Lomographer ? To you, what is the value of photography?

I was crazy about Lomo a while back, and I like the sense of anticipation,although I had my fair share of failures. To me, photography is a record of that moment frozen in time, there will never be an identical work.

Q7. What is your most unforgettable photography experience or you most treasured photo? Why is that so?

Every time I take a photo of my family members is my most satisfying performance.

Q8. Can you share your plans for the next half of the year?

SENSE30 is releasing new bicycles, please keep a lookout for them!

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

White color lets your imagination run wild. Lomography gathered 9 Taiwanese artists from all disciplines to design an all new wardrobe for La Sardina DIY. Besides the beautiful exteriors, they also communicated some current affairs of Taiwan! Lots of excitement to look forward to, this is how one can have fun with La Sardina DIY! Please visit the Taipei flagship store and sample Taiwan’s creative stories!

  • Exhibition Date:2012.09.21 ~ 2012.10.11
  • Exhibition Venue:Lomography Taipei Flagship Store
  • Free Entry

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